Aluminum Insect Screen

Aluminum insect screen mainly refers to Magnesium insect screen, one of the most popular aluminum alloy materials we use for insect screening mesh. Aluminum alloy insect screen is durable screening, for wood window screens, screen doors and wood screen enclosures.

Aluminum alloy insect screening offers lightweight and good resistance against corrosion. Standard sizes go from 13x13mesh, 14x14mesh, 14x16mesh, 16x16mesh, 16x18mesh to 18x18mesh. Aluminum alloy insect screening (magnesium insect screen) can be supplied in its natural bright gray luster, black, charcoal or PVC coated into different colors. Packing forms available for our aluminum insect screening products: In plastic film, then in cartons.

Specification Reference of Aluminum Insect Screening:

SWG Wire Diameter(mm) Mesh
31 0.295 14X14
32 0.274 14X14
32 0.274 16X14
33 0.254 16X16
34 0.234 18X14
35 0.213 18X16
36 0.193 18X18
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