Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

AH-01 Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

AH-01 sets
The AHL series of weaving machine suit to weave hexagonal wire netting in normal and reverse twist.
They are classified five types according to the different opening:


The machine can continuously work, below are the characteristics:

Smooth running, low noise, automatically stop and give an alarm when there's something wrong Scope of weaving: 1.22m double width or 2.44m single width Used clutch arrester, neatly handle Concentrate lubricating system, simply operate The motor's power: 2.2KW. Three-phase current

This series of machines sell well to Europe, America,Japan, Australia and East and South Asia.

Theoretic Parameter

TypeMesh sizeMax. width (mm)Max. wire
Theoretic produce speedOuter size(mm)
length x width x height

Gross weight

single widthdouble widthmesh

AH-02 Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine

AHL-02 Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine is specially used to produce the large size and heavy duty hexagonal (PVC & Galw Plated) wire meshes for the fence and the stone gabions usage. It has nine models for three size of meshes and the maximum netting width is up to four meters. AHL-02 series hexagonal wire netting machines have the properties of high efficiency in producing and easy operation and maintenance. We can also supply the complete set of equipment for your whole netting workshop.


AH-03 Hexagonal Wire Netting Machines

AH-03 Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine is designed to produce hexagonal screens with galvanized low carbon steel wires, suitable for structural, heat insulation,protective, and fencing applications. The machines of this series are of horizontal design, ensuring smooth running and high productivity.

With special coiling machine, bobbin winding machine as spare parts.



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